An Immersive experience, with many


Activities for everyone

Activity Lineup

From the drinkers to the sportsmen, we've got activities for everyone. Come indulge in all types of events

Activities In Detail

Just like last season, there's going to be alot to do at Floating Grill this Season.

Immerse Yourself

Who's the greatest drunko

Fun filled drinking

Beer Olympics

This shall consist of multiple beer related events in which teams compete to win the Beer Olympics Gold Medal. Games include but are not restricted to: Beer Pong, Chug n' Run, Keg Toss, Flip Cup, Timed Beer Bong, and King of the Table.

Shoot your shot

Bean Bag Toss

This is a lawn game in which players take turns throwing bags of plastic resin (or bean bags) at a raised platform (board) with a hole in the far end.
A chance to see who's got great aim!

Sail The High Seas

Speed Boat Rides

Feel the breeze blow through your hair as the lake spray calms you. Take multiple boat rides on Lake Victoria and feel refreshed.
The FLoating Island is a perfect place for this. The boat rides are an experience of a lifetime

feel the breeze

Come play in style

sail the high seas

Who's the greatest drunko

Doughnut Eating Contest

Who's got perfect eye and mouth cordination? who can eat it with #NoHands? This is the contest that'll show who the masters of eating are.
COme show off your doughnut eating skills 😉😉

Dominate the Boards

Board Games

Nothign beats playing Ludo, Draft, Cards, and other board games as the sun sets on the shores of Lake Victoria. A Chance to kickback and relax

The Floating Island's atmosphere is perfect for this


Cards from daytime...

.. Till Nighttime

An Experience of a lifetime

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