Floating Grill Season 3

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This is a world of surreal experiences and inspired curiosity that touches the sweet spot between imagination and possibility. A place where the tropical sun shines all day, and our celebrations ignite the night. This is an invitation to unplug, connect with something deeper, and hunt for something bigger.
Join us. an event, an adventure, unlike any other.


Frequently Asked Questions

Floating Grill is currently being held at The Floating Island Uganda. This is an Eco-Friendly man-made island found in Luzira, Kampala.

It is made out of tons of recycled plasting bound together and topped with sand, a bar, and more. Find out more on the About page

Floating Grill shall be held on the 12 October 2019, starting at 3pm. Arrival is at your own discretion, and activities shall be carried out throughout the day.

The Event ends shortly past midnight, although the fun never ends.

The Floating Island is docked to the mainland at 7 Lake Drive, Luzira. A map has been made available on the Location page, along with a link that opens in your maps application to aid in navigation to the site.

Visit the Location Page to view the map or get a link.

An Immersive experience, with many


An Experience of a lifetime

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